From the time your kitten is weaned through to her first year, you may be concerned about the amount of food she is eating–whether you are worried about feline obesity or her being underfed, we will help put your mind at ease as you begin feeding your kitten to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

How much is too much to feed a kitten?

You Ask: I was wondering if there is a guide for how much to feed a kitten that is¬† 7 to 8 weeks old? I’m currently feeding her with Felix Kitten.

We Answer: Generally speaking, a kitten should gain about 1/2 an ounce each day.

If you don’t want to weigh her every day, then just make sure that after you feed a kitten she has a belly that is full and firm, but not distended.

Kittens need lots of nutrients for their quick-growing bodies and you usually don’t have to worry about kitten obesity or how much to feed a kitten.

However, some kittens do really love to eat more than others, and one way to tell your kitten is overeating is if she develops diarrhea.

If you suspect your kitten is overeating, provide scheduled feedings rather than free feeding a kitten, and make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Your vet can also tell you if your kitten is over- or under-weight during her kitten exams.

In researching “Felix Kitten” it seems it is only available in the UK. Unfortunately, their website doesn’t offer an ingredients list.

To gauge the quality of the food, read the ingredients on the package. Here is the criteria for the best kitten foods:

  • At least 3 of the top 5 ingredients should be meat or meat meal (preferably poultry)
  • Corn should not be in the top ingredients (also avoid wheat, soy, and gluten)
  • Should not contain by-products or animal digest.

You can read more about reading kitten food labels here.

Getting the best kitten food even at a higher cost is really an investment for your kitten. Feeding a kitten healthy food will prevent illness-related veterinary visits, especially later in life.

Even if you have to mix a top-shelf brand with a more budget-friendly option, it’s still a step in the right direction.


How Much to Feed a Kitten: Am I Over-Feeding?

how much to feed a kittenYou Ask: How do I know how much to feed my two 5 month male kittens and their mom who is probably 1-2 years old?

I have been feeding them each 1/4 cup kitten chow two times a day and Friskies canned food. They will go thru two 5-oz cans in the am and the pm between the three of them, and they eat it right down.

I know the kittens need more for their growing, but I don’t want them to get “chubby” at at early age.

We Answer: Kittens have their biggest growth spurts from birth to 6 months of age. Until about 3 to 4 months, kittens are nibblers, and free-feeding them is usually best.

At 5 months, your kittens are on the “tail-end” of this growth phase, so to feed a kitten meals at set times is probably fine.

As far as how much to feed a kitten at this age, you need to determine if the kittens seem to still be hungry after mealtimes. If so, you can try giving them a little extra canned to try to get to the right balance.

If they are already showing signs of being overweight¬† then you may need to cut back. You can tell by feeling for their ribs–they shouldn’t be too fleshy, but you should not be able to see them sticking out under the skin either.

If you are still unsure, your vet can give them a proper examination to make sure they are getting just what they need.

Do be careful when feeding Mama cat, though–kitten food isn’t necessarily bad for her, but make sure it is approved for “all life stages” by AAFCO so she gets what she needs as an adult.

Also, kitten food has more fat than adult maintenance food, so make sure she isn’t putting on weight either.

Hope this helps!