Are you ready to adopt a kitten or cat?

There are many factors that go into selecting the best pet for you and your family, and careful consideration may reveal that you are not quite ready for this committment.

Here are some things to consider when getting ready to adopt.

Choosing to Adopt a Kitten

Kittens are great fun, and when you go to look at a potential new pet they are very hard to resist.

However, getting a brand new kitten isn’t the best choice for everybody. Training and kitten-proofing is a lot of work, and may be too much to handle for some. Plus, homes with very young children may not be a good fit.

A kitten is a good idea for you if:

  • You (or another adult in your home) has the time to train and bond with him
  • You have older children that can be gentle with a fragile kitten
  • You have other adult cats in the home (usually they won’t tolerate another adult coming to their home turf)
  • It’s important to you to get a young animal without potential emotional problems

Choosing an Adult Cat

adopt a kitten or catThere are so many grown cats in shelters that need homes, and they are so much harder to find homes for compared to cute irresistible kittens.

Thankfully, there are people willing to bring these wonderful pets into their homes and hearts.

An adult cat is a good adoption choice if:

  • You don’t have other grown cats in your home
  • You want a cat that’s already been litter-box trained and socialized, and don’t want to go through the kitten phase
  • You don’t mind not knowing all of the cat’s history and resultant behavior issues or “quirks”
  • You just want to provide a loving home for a pet that needs one!

Am I Ready to Adopt a Kitten or a Cat?

Keep in mind, there are many things to consider before adopting any animal, and you should adopt a kitten or cat for the right reasons. If you feel you have the time, energy, environment, and willingness to commit to a pet for many years to come, then great!

Make sure that you are not going to adopt a kitten solely because:

  • You want a cute kitten to play with (they do grow up, after all!)
  • You want to teach your children responsibility–we all know how this usually turns out, and you are the one feeding him, cleaning his litter box, and taking him to the vet for checkups.
  • You want a fun and surprising gift to give. If you have decided that adopting a kitten or cat is the right choice for you and your family that’s one thing, but you should NEVER give a pet as a gift to someone else.
  • You feel sorry for the kitten–maybe you found a stray cat or a sickly kitten at the shelter. Go into this with your eyes open, because a sick kitten could cost you a lot of time and money, and you may end up heartbroken if she is just too ill to survive.

If you are truly ready to adopt a kitten or cat, then it might be time to see what type of kitten is right for you.