Of all the exotic breeds, the Ussuri Cat is especially rare, since it is a naturally-occurring type, which means it was developed without the intervention of selective breeding.

Among the most striking of the various breeds, the Ussuri is a beautifully-marked wild-type looking cat, with spots and tabby-like stripes similar to the Serengeti.

In fact, “Ussuri” is another name for the Siberian Tiger.

Breed History

The Ussuri is a natural hybrid from Russia’s Amur River region in the Amur Forest.

The origins of the Ussuri are sketchy, and not a lot is known about their development or history.

The general consensus however is that domestic cats in the region bred with Amur Leopard Cats, a subspecies of the wild Asian Leopard Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) which was also the wildcat used to develop the Bengal breed (not tigers!)
This resultant hybrid also cross-bred with the Siberian (again, not tigers!) and the Domestic Shorthair.

There is no formal breeding program for the Ussuri, which means it will remain among the rarest of cats and will also remain relatively unknown for the time-being.

At this time, the Ussuri is not formally recognized by TICA (The International Cat Association) or The Cat Fancier’s Association.

Caring for an Ussuri Cat

the ussuri cat and kittenThe Ussuri cat  is an affectionate and loyal breed in spite of its wild heritage. It usually forms a strong bond with one person.

They are very intelligent and active, but not very vocal.

Though wary of strangers, the Ussuri Cat makes a lovely pet for the right family, assuming you can get your hands on one!

Ussuri Grooming Needs

This beautiful breed is quite low-maintenance, and doesn’t require the same daily upkeep as long-haired breeds.

It has a glossy top top with a thick, course undercoat thanks to its forebears. They also are not very heavy shedders.

Known Health Issues

This exotic cat breed has no known hereditary afflictions. This is probably due to the varied gene-pool of this hybrid.

The lifespan is average, at 15 years.

Other Ussuri Characteristics and Info

The body of the Ussuri is athletic and well-boned. They have a rounded tail tip like a European wildcat, with Lynx-like tufts on the ears.

Their markings consist of stripes, spots, and rings on the body and stripes on the legs and a dorsal stripe running along their spine.

They are very independent and ill-suited for apartment living due to their extremely high energy level.

They are not the best choice for families with young children.

The Ussuri is very muscular, but only average-sized at around 12 lbs.

This is not a lap cat, so if you are looking for a cat to cuddle with you’d be better off with another breed.

Their independence and wild ancestry makes them difficult to train, but their high intelligence makes them great hunters and problem solvers.

The Ussuri Cat at a Glance

Affection Level: HIGH Stranger Friendly: LOW Child Friendly: LOW Energy: HIGH

Health Issues:  LOW Intelligence: HIGH Coat Maintenance: LOW Independence:  HIGH