Sorting through lists of kitten names can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

You know the perfect name is out there for your furry new family member, but you just haven’t found it yet!

Or maybe you’re on the opposite side of the spectrum–you pick out a trendy one that you like now, but maybe you won’t find it as clever in the years to come.

In either case, whether you can’t settle on the “perfect” name or you’re too quick to jump the gun, here are some ways to go about finding the right one that fits.

Kitten Names Based on Coloring or Markings

Does your kitten have any striking patterns or colors in his fur that lends itself to a name?

Think Oreo for a black and white kitten, or Gingersnap for an orange tabby.

A kitten with white legs or feet can be called Stockings or Snowdrift, and a gray kitten can be called Smoky, Heather, or Rainy Day.

Do keep in mind that some kitten breeds, like Siamese, are white when they are born and develop into their tipped colors as they mature. Just a tip in case you wanted to name her Snowball!

Kitten Names Based on Personality

help choosing kitten namesYou might see right away that your kitten is really goofy and outgoing, and decide to pick a funny name for him.

Another kitten may need a few days to a week before her personality comes out, especially if she is just getting used to her new home. Once she’s comfortable in her surroundings, you will see what her character is like.

Some kitten names for extra hyper or rambunctious kittens are Speedy, Spazz, Hotrod, or Kamikaze.

For a mellow or a shyer kitten, you may pick a “quiet” name like Anastasia, Daffodil, Pansy, or Sweetie.

Really think about your kitten’s personality and character–is she regal? Serious? Aloof? Silly? Cuddly? Vocal? Quiet? Grouchy? There are many great kitten names to suit all of these traits.

Kitten Names Based on Personal Stories

Many names for kittens are chosen because of where they were found when rescued. Names like Freeway and Turnpike refer to a specific location, while names like Cleveland or Phoenix are more general.

If your kitten was rescued from a shelter, find out if she arrived there with an unusual story!

Names Based on Hobbies and Interests

There is a wealth of names relating to any hobby or discipline. Do you enjoy coffee? Think Mocha, Java, or Half Caff.

For artists: Matisse, Renoir, Gaugin, Miro

For writers: Shakespeare, Hemingway, Dickens, Salinger

For musicians: Jethro, Vivaldi, Miles, Chopin

We could go on and on, but you get the idea!

Kitten Names for Multiple Kittens

If you adopted two kitten siblings, there are lots of cute duo names that you can choose!

You can be as clever and cheeky with this as you want (Sylvester and Tweety?) but do remember that kittens turn into cats, so whatever kitten names you are thinking about, just be prepared that these will be permanent cat names for many years to come!

Also, don’t get carried away with the rhyming; while Hekyll and Jekyll are fun to call out, your kittens will appreciate having different sounding names.

So, you can think beyond TV personalities here. Do you like to cook? You can name your kittens Parsley and Basil.

Do you like to garden, or enjoy nature? Lily and Daisy (or Maple and Aspen for boy kittens!)

There are so many cute choices that once you start brainstorming it may be harder to choose!

But it does take some thinking about to find the best name for your kitten, since each one is different and so are you and your tastes, preferences, and sensibilities.

Don’t get too overwhelmed to decide on a cute kitten name and make her get stuck with “Kitty” for the rest of her life.

On the other hand, don’t rush to name her after the most recent Reality TV star or here-today-gone-tomorrow pop star either!

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