Purina’s Yesterdays News Cat Litter is made from compressed pellets of recycled newspaper.

It is considered environmentally-friendly since its biodegradable.

It also absorbs well, and is often recommended by vets for use by post-surgical cats, since it doesn’t cling to paws or fur like clay or other clumping litters.

What are the advantages of Pellet Cat Litter versus traditional clay granules?

For one thing, pellets don’t get tracked around the house. Worst-case scenario, a few dry pieces will get flung out of the litter box, but they are easy to see and clean up.

Since Yesterday’s News cat litter not a granule, it’s a good choice if you have hardwood in your house; it won’t be prone to getting scratched due to tracking like traditional clay litter.

This is also a great option for very young kittens who are just learning how to be litter box trained. 

It doesn’t get stuck in their paws, so it won’t be licked off and ingested. (Clay litter can be hazardous when consumed.)

One of the most popular reasons why people choose Yesterdays News cat litter, is it’s dust and fragrance free (many cats can’t stand the perfume of clumping varieties, and dust can exacerbate upper-respiratory issues.)

review of yesterdays news cat litterIt’s also very absorbent: Yesterdays News absorbs 3 times more moisture than clay, however it doesn’t clump.

Drawbacks to Yesterdays News Cat Litter Pellets

So what are some negatives about Yesterdays News cat litter?

First, it may not control cat box odor as well as clumping litters unless you clean it frequently or you purchase the newer scented variety.

Yesterdays News pellets are also dark in color, and it can be difficult to find the bits of cat feces if the litterbox is in a poorly-lit room.

The pellets also cannot be used with automatic litter boxes.

Many reviewers recommend against using the Tidy Cats Pellets that come with the Breeze litter box, as Yesterdays News works much better.

As mentioned too, it won’t stick together like a clumping variety. Since the soiled pellets are on the bottom, lifting the “clean” pellets with it can seem like a waste.

However, this nuisance can be remedied by using a sifting litter box like the Tidy Cats yesterdays news for catsBreeze Litter Box.

This cat litter box helps separate the used pellets from the “clean” ones, since it’s made for larger pellets and is easy to scoop.

Plus, it has an odor-absorbing pad under the sifter to catch the urine. This pad gets tossed every few days (depending on the amount of use) so the solid waste is only part you need to scoop out daily.






Won’t scratch wood floors




Won’t clump like clay

Must be scooped daily or more to control odor

Can be difficult to scoop from a non-sifting litter box

*Purina has released a scented variety of Yesterday’s News, which could be worth a try if odor-control is more of a priority to you than keeping your litter perfume-free.

Tips for using Yesterdays News Cat Litteryesterdays news pellets

1) Keep it shallow, (around 2 or 3 inches) or it will be harder to scoop up the mess since it absorbs urine from the bottom, and less will be wasted during cleaning.

2) Using a wide-slotted scooper designed specifically for pellet litter can help the dry pieces fall back into the box when cleaning.

3) A “softer texture” variety is now available for more sensitive paws, as some cats find the traditional pellets to be too firm.

Transitioning Your Cat

You may be able to switch immediately to Yesterdays News cat litter, and your easy-going feline will think nothing of the sudden switch.

Some cats need a little time to adjust to a new litter. You may want to err on the side of caution and introduce Yesterday’s News gradually to save money on the litter and reduce the possibility of your cat doing “his business” outside the litter box.

If your cat has a scheduled surgery, transitioning him or her ahead of time is a really good idea. Recovering from a surgery is stressful enough for cats, so a familiar litter will only help (plus reduce the risk of mishaps!)

The following is a sample transition schedule, according to Purina’s Yesterdays News website:

First week: mix 1/3 Yesterdays News cat litter with 2/3 current litter

Second week: mix 1/2 Yesterdays News cat litter with 1/2 current litter

Third week: 100% Yesterdays News cat litter.

Make sure to add clean litter each week, and disinfect the litter box at least once per month.

Is Yesterdays News Cat Litter Right for You?

If you don’t like dust, a gravelly mess, and you don’t mind cleaning the litter box(es) frequently, then it’s worth a try.

You can phase in Yesterdays News as described above in multiple litter boxes, or you can just change one box over to it completely to see if your cat or cats will use it.

Just be sure they have the other box or boxes with the stuff they’re used to during the trial period.

If they still try Yesterdays News cat litter and like it, and you like it to, then you have a winner!

Where to Buy Yesterdays News Cat Litter

Yesterdays News is readily available at most large chain pet stores, but to save yourself a trip you can order it online as well.

If it’s not right for you, then of course you can return it or see if your local humane society or animal shelter will accept it as a donation.